Question: How does BIO-T work?

BIO-T works on the immune system. When it is used topically (on the skin) it triggers an immune system response. The body’s own immune system attacks the wart, skin tag, mole or skin cancer or other skin disorders.

Question: How does it work when taken internally?

BIO-T’s Body Armour is an immune system fortifier, meaning that its ingredients strengthen the body’s immune system causing its defense mechanisms to become very active and aggressive. It is believed that the natural ingredients in BIO-T strip the protein coating from virus or antigens and expose these foreign antigens to the body’s immune system cells which destroy the virus.Body Armour will not work with moles or skin tags. Our Topical Ointment is the product that is used for those skin disorderes.

Question: What are the ingredients?

BIO-T is composed of herbs, mineral salts and other natural ingredients. Among the ingredients are Black Walnut and Burdock. Both of these herbs are known immune system builders and tumor fighters. When used in conjunction with the other herbs and mineral salts their effects become synergistic, meaning that the effects of the combined ingredients are far more effective than all of the ingredients combined.

Question: How does it work on moles, skin tags, warts and skin cancers?

It is believed the BIO-T recognizes that the DNA in the cells are abnormal or altered and it directs the immune system’s defenses to those cells where the warts, moles or skin cancer cells are destroyed. It is neither acidic or caustic and does not effect healthy tissue.

Question: How do you use it on the skin?

BIO-T Topical Ointment is a dark brown paste. You apply it over the mole, wart or skin cancer with a thin layer using a plastic or wood object like a tooth pick (metal neutralizes its effects). A LATEX FREE Band-Aid is then applied to cover the area and prevent the BIO-T from rubbing off.

Question: Does it cause pain?

Yes. Some people report pain associated with the removal of warts, due to the elimination of the deep root system that warts sometimes have. Others report little or no pain or discomfort. Mole removal is generally considered painless. It should be remembered that when moles, warts and skin cancers are treated and removed by freezing, acids, lasers or surgical removal there is frequently intense pain associated with the procedure.

Question: How long will it take to remove a wart, mole skin tag or skin cancer?

Normally 5 to 7 days after first applying BIO-T. The size of the skin disorder is a factor. The larger the mole, skin tag or wart is, the longer it takes to remove them. Occasionally stubborn moles or warts might require as many as 10 or 12 applications. Due to the nature of skin cancers, the successful removal might take several applications and several days. If you suspect a mole, wart or skin cancer is changing in size, shape or bleeds consult a physician IMMEDIATELY! BIO-T is a herbal product for relief of warts, moles and benign skin cancers. It is not intended for use on malignant cancers. If in doubt, do not use. Consult your physician,

Question: Will it cause scarring?

BIO-T can cause some scarring, particularly when used on large disorders of the skin. Again, when you remove any tissue of the skin there is a chance that some scarring will result. In most applications there will be little or no scarring. It is recommended that you do not use it on your face if you cannot accept the possibility that a scar will remain after treatment. Each individual must weigh their own circumstances. Many have chosen to remove unsightly moles or warts from their facial area and accepted slight scarring over the unsightly wart or a potentially dangerous mole. Applying Revitalizing Creme helps to minimize the possibility of scaring.

Question: Should I consult my physician before using BIO-T?

BIO-T is a safe, effective product that uses natural ingredients. It probably is not necessary to consult your health provider, but if you feel more comfortable, then by all means consult with your physician. If you are using BIO-T to treat skin cancer then it is highly recommended that you consult your treating physician before using the product.

Question: Will BIO-T’s Body Armour eliminate AIDS?

No. It might, however, build the immune system of AIDS patients in the early stages.

Question: Will BIO-T’s Body Armour eliminate herpes?

No. The herpes virus will always be in the body, it might, however, reduce the number of virus due to its anti-viral properties and reduce the incidents of outbreaks of lesions, but this has not been clinically proven and is only conjecture.

Question: I have an abnormal mole and I am afraid in might turn into cancer. What shall I do?

See a doctor immediately. Although BIO-T will remove abnormal moles (dyplastic nevi), you should always consult with your physician first if you suspect changes in a mole.

Question: has the FDA approved BIO-T?

No. BIO-T is an herbal nutritional supplement, much like a vitamin and as such is not approved by the FDA.

Question: Can I buy BIO-T products in the store?

No. Bio-T is composed of natural herbs and mineral salts that are very limited in availability. We are simply unable to produce enough product to supply health food or chain stores. Kmart alone would require tens of thousands of bottles to fill its shelves. Additionally, the jobbers, distributors and retailers in the marketing chain would increase the cost several hundred percent making the products cost prohibitive for most people.

Question: Does it work on everyone?

No. Just as aspirin and most other products do not work on some individuals, our Topical Ointment does not work on everyone. We believe our success rate is 85 plus percent and we also believe that if the instructions were followed closely that number would be higher.

Disclaimer: This information is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advise or help. It is always best to consult with a Physician about serious health concerns. This information is in no way intended to diagnose or prescribe remedies.