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Why should I use Bio-T to remove my wart, mole, or skin-tag?

Bio-T is unlike anything else on the market for removing moles, warts, and skin-tags.

  • At $29.95, Bio-T Topical Ointment is best price you can get for at home removal. Compare this to the $100-$500 per mole estimate many dermatologists quote.

  • With it's all-natural formula, Bio-T uses your bodies immune system to remove the blemish, rather than burn or freezing treatments.

  • No need to schedule surgeries - remove the wart, mole, or skin-tag from the comfort of your own home.

  • The vast majority of our customers report little to no pain during the entirety of the removal process.

  • With over 20 years in business, Bio-T is a trusted product with tens of thousands of shipped orders.

Who we are and what we believe:

We proudly include a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on our products.

Since 1997, Bio-T Herbals has been supplying all-natural mole, wart, and skin tag removal ointments and immune system enhancers. Based on a desire to find an affordable, non-invasive remedy for moles and other skin disorders, Bio-T Herbals was founded on a 3-part skin care system made from a carefully blended combination of herbs and mineral salts. We believe that everyone deserves the choice of clearer skin at a reasonable price, so we encourage you to continue reading below to discover how it works, as well as visiting our Testimonials page to see what many of our customers have said over our 20 years in business.


How BIO-T Works:

Helping your body help itself.

BIO-T is taken in two forms: topically and orally. In both uses, BIO-T's unique blend of supplements heavily boosts the immune system and its ability to recognize 'foreign' threats.

When used topically as our 'Topical Ointment' on moles, warts, or skin tags, BIO-T triggers the immune system by causing a specific form of mild irritation at the problem site, and alerts that system to the undesired blemish. The immune system then takes over and removes the blemish over time with repeated use of the ointment. Note that BIO-T itself does not remove the blemish, it is the body that does the removal and healing. BIO-T is non-acidic and non-caustic and will not harm normal skin away from the problem site.

When used orally as our 'Body Armour', BIO-T enhances and supports the immune system with our carefully chosen blend of ingredients, each individually chosen for it's antiviral, antibacterial, and/or antimicrobial effects. These ingredients works synergistically with one another to help reduce or prevent the effects of antigens on the body. When taken in conjunction with our Topical Ointment, it helps to give the immune system increased functionality in its removal of the unwanted blemish.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee specific results, therefore results may vary.


Our Simple Beginnings

Like many small businesses, Bio-T Herbals began with a natural formula that founder, Steve Henline, was given by his grandmother. It was a simple formula, composed of roots and herbs that grew in the nearby countryside that his Grandma Winn got from the Ute Indians who lived near her as a child.

The formula was well known around the valley where Henline lived. Many neighbors and residents from the surrounding community began to purchase it from him to rid themselves of warts, moles and skin tags. It wasn’t long until the demand had grown so great, even without advertising, that Steve and Judy Henline began to make it and sell it commercially. With the advent of the internet, this new company, Bio-T Herbals, began to sell this wonderful product around the world mostly by word of mouth. Today, after over 20 years, Bio-T Herbals has shipped over 50,000 orders to satisfied customers around the globe.