Paying with Bitcoin

We at Bio-T believe in the future of cryptocurrency, therefore we gladly accept Bitcoin as form of payment for our products. Please read below to find out how to proceed.

Note: This page assumes the customer has a basic understanding of Bitcoin. If not, refer to the Bitcoin Wikipedia page.

Below you will see the prices of our products in both USD and the equivalent amount of Bitcoin as of the last edited date (11/19/17).

  • To order, please scan the associated QR Code for each product you would like to order, or send the Bitcoin directly to the wallet address listed for each product.
  • Finally, send an email (feel free to make it anonymous) to listing the public address from which you sent the Bitcoin, as well as where you would like the product shipped to.
  • Please be aware that shipping is free within the US and that we request a flat rate charge of $7 USD (0.00087 BTC) for all international orders. We recommend including this in the purchase price.
Topical Ointment BTC Receive for 0.00371 BTC.PNG

Bio-T Topical Ointment: $29.95 = 0.00371 BTC

Wallet Address: 1AmDCHA4CMthTK5cKnRLo7D21y7ftLSbKe