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B. Phillips:

I just can’t thank you enough! I have lived with a very large skin tag for years that made me very self conscious because of where it was located. My doctors said the removal would be considered cosmetic and it would cost a lot to remove it.
I have been leary of herbal problems, but wanted to give you a try. Boy, am I glad I did. I now have no skin tag, and feel like a new woman! It worked exactly as advertised. You are a miracle in a jar. Thank you so much!

C. Waqiah:

I am an African American person, and I did use the Bio-T Topical ointment to remove three moles off my neck. I did have some scaring due to the fact that I have black skin, which has a lot of natural pigmentation. But the product did a wonderful job and the scaring was minimal, and will be easy to lighten when a cosmetic bleaching cream. Its certainly looks better then the moles, and my neck is very smooth. (...)  All in all I am very satisfied and will recommend the cream to other people. Thank very much.

Annette S:

Im just happy to say that bio t is a great product. The amount i recieved has so far removed 5 moles.I have 2 more & plenty of the product left.It worked wonders for me. I was a bit skeptical at first about using bio herbal t but ,once i used it on 1 mole & saw that it removed it in 7 days i was amazed that something actually worked.I couldnt believe my eyes.It took a little longer for mine to fall out because i only used it once a day but, it did work.The healing process on the other hand worked faster then it was suppose to.There r no scars what so ever.The removal is also painless.This stuff really is an excellent product.I am very happy with my results.If in the future i need to remove any more moles i will definately use your product before spending hundreds of dollars on a doctors visit.Please keep selling your product & dont ever stop.It really is a miracle product.

Carol C:

My daughter had ugly warts on her hands that were so embarrassing to her. She was to the point where she wanted to stay home from school….We tried over the counter products which just made matters worse. Nothing seemed to work until we tried your topical ointment. One hand is now completely free of warts and we are treating the other now


I am a HUGE skeptic, and I never would believe that a product like this would have worked for a condition like I had. Not too long ago, (21 year old female) I was suffering from really bad/invasive plantar warts on the bottom of my feet. At first, they were no too painful, just annoying. They soon became so incredibly painful I could barely walk. The last thing I wanted to do was have surgery to remove them. I went to the podiatrist, and after having x-rays, he concluded that mine were close to the worst he had ever seen. I needed to have surgery to have them removed. I begged for a medicine instead, he claimed there was nothing out there that would help at all. I scheduled the $4,000 surgery (the plantar warts had reached the root of the nerves in my foot) That evening, just out of curiosity, I searched the internet, and ran across your product. My mother said, Don't waste your time with silly gimmicks! Regardless, I bought it. Within 7 days they were no longer painful and much smaller. On the 14th day they were completely gone!!!!! No scars! No pain! I had them for over a year, and was in agonizing pain! I could not believe it. I of course cancelled the surgery, and they have never come back! I was so happy and relieved. I really think that this is one of the many thousands of products that actually does what it claims to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for such an amazing product. :)

Michelle C:

I just wanted to say “Thank you” for having such a great product! I had a very embarrassing (and large) skin tag on my upper thigh that has been bothering me for over a year. I came very close to having it surgically removed but something told me to look on the internet and try to gather more information. Thank god that I did because I found Bio-T and ordered it on the spot. It was well worth the money and it only took 6 days to go away without a trace. No scar… nothing!! I am a much happier person! You can bet that I will recommend your product to everyone.

Rich P:

Just wanted to thank you for an amazing product. I used Bio-T a few years ago to remove a large skin tag on my shoulder, it was the size of a pea. It was gone in 6 days and has never returned, can't even tell where it was now ...Currently using Bio-T again to get rid of a large mole on my back, a raised brown area the size of a dime. After 5 days it is clearly drying out, but its stubborn. I am confident that a few more days will do it, and will still have plenty of the ointment left ...Once had a mole removed surgically, very painful and expensive. Bio-T is painless and has worked for me twice before. Have recommended it to friends, with great results ...

Valry K:

I bought a bottle of Bio-T to remove moles and a bottle of Revitalizing creme to reduce chance of scarring. I applied the creme with my fingers to the area the mole was then rubbed the remaining creme on my hands. A rash that I had for a long time on my hands went away just like the moles. My wife and I now use the creme for dry skin and rash.

Nancie E:

thank you, thank you. After soaking in a bath, it fell out. I am already working on another mole. Thanks for the great product! feel free to use my story as another satisfied customer!!! (I have a lot of moles, I may need to purchase more product!)

Daniel S:

I just wanted to thank you for your product and let you know how well it worked for me. Believe me I’ve tried just about everything including surgery to remove warts on my neck. My son had one wart on his foot and my daughter had four on her hand. In two days my sons wart on his foot was gone, just like you said it left a little pink hole then it healed up and you can’t even see it now. It was so fast I thought it wasn’t a wart it must have been something else. My daughters warts on her fingers started to die in 4 days and just came off with the same pink hole left, then after two days you can’t even see the hole. My warts took a little longer but they are just falling off. Mine are stubborn and I have about 15 little tiny ones on my neck, however I now only have about six left. I couldn’t even shave my face before and had to wear a full beard to hide the warts now I can shave again.

JoAnn Johnson:

Greetings! I bought a jar of Bio-T several months ago and was initially too skeptical to use it. I almost threw it away, chalking the purchase up to gullibility (I don't know how I got so cynical). I thought about the $29 I spent and looked at your product some more and decided to give it a try last week. I tried it on a small mole on my stomach, and it began working right away. By day three it looked completely disgusting, but not abnormal. It fell out on day five and the crater has leveled back out - I am putting vitamin E oil on it hoping it will help keep the scarring down. Yesterday, I started putting Bio-T on a mole on my calf and it is already working. It?s actually pretty cool to watch this stuff work, and, as promised, there is no pain. So, THANK YOU! I have very fair skin and do not have freckles, only a few moles, but they have always bothered me, to the point that I was getting ready to go to the doctor and pay to get them removed. I will continue to use your product - it is the best $29 I can remember spending.

Carolyn T:

I removed a plantar wart from my left foot that had been giving me fits for 20 years. I’ve had it operated on twice, but they didn’t get it all and I’ve had to live with the pain all these years. Now it is gone. Thank you for the super support with all of my questions while I was treating it

D/S Charles Thomas:

Hi, my name is Charles . I work for the [redacted] County Sheriff’s Office. I wanted to drop you a line an say thank you for making a WONDERFUL product. Approximately 1 year ago I went to see a dermatologist about my moles. The doctor said I definately needed to have a couple taken off to avoid them getting any bigger. This has been an issue since I was very young. I have always had many on my back, but as I got older I started getting moles on my chest, neck, and arms too. Nothing gross or anything but….I knew they were there and they bothered me. Anyways the doctor told me it would cost approximately $100.00 PER mole to cut them off. (...) After searching, I found your website.  EVEN when the stuff got here I thought hey, I’ll give it a go!! I tried a mole on my stomach first so I could monitor the results. It worked wonderful. Took a while to actually work but when it stated working it worked great. Well I decided I would go ahead and try to remove the biggest one on my back next. The sucker fell out tonight and I am loving this stuff even more!! I placed an order to get more….my wife even is currently using the last of the product to remove a mole on her shoulder. Thank you so much for making it possible to remove these problems I have dealt with my whole life. The ONLY thing I can say bad about your product is that its uncomfortable as hell when you wear a bullet proof vest!!!

Zoe D:

I wanted to share my mole removing experience with you since the cream worked wonderfully :-)

When I first got it, on the 14th, I applied it at night. From that day until today, I applied it twice a day (morning and night) since I was anxious, and after 7 days and 12 applyings, the mole came off. I am extremely happy and also amazed that I only used about 1/10 of the bio t ointment, I didnt know that one mole would not need as much ointment.

Valeria Johnson:

I just wanted to let you know what a happy costumer I am, the Bio-T ointment seems to work just as it has been described. It’s a miraculous product that deserves much recognition. Thank you so much


I wanted to provide a testimony of your product--it WORKS! I was skeptical and read many of the reviews and feedback before I purchased. Some saying it didn't work, some saying the pain was worse than mentioned. I just want to say to you and others, that I had a wart on my knuckle for years, had doctors treat it, purchased so many over the counter products to get rid of it--Yes, it did hurt a little more than expected but not any worse than other products I have used plus the doctor treatements. Cheaper than a doctor office visit--and hey the doctor treatement didnt work either--On the 4th day I noticed no change and thought oh oh another product, however, by day 8 it was gone! I am now working on moles and it is starting to work! I have recommended this product to my friends! THANK YOU for offering a product that is easily purchased, natural ingredients --and most importantly, it WORKED !

Danny E:

I was skeptical at first, but just as you stated the two moles that I treated fell out leaving a pink crater that healed over in a day or two. Thank you again. I really didn’t want to undertake more surgery...


I just wanted to say thank you for such a great product. I came across your product through its mention on a blog. I've had a very large mole on the back of my earlobe since my first pregnancy. It had a considerable profile in additional to its circumference! I've been to 2 different dermatologists who really didn't want to remove it. They said that due to the nature of where it was located they would have to detach my earlobe and then remove the large mole and then reattach my earlobe. Basically if it didn't hurt that I should leave it alone. When I saw your product, I knew I had nothing to lose. I used the entire tub but I am happy to say I am mole free! Just wanted to say thank you for creating a product that works. To be honest I felt a bit skeptical at first but the mole on my neck has now fallen out and I'm just waiting for the crater to heal as we speak. For the price and the quantity that I received - I am a very happy customer.

Edgar N: 

Hi ! I just want to let you know that i used Bio-T since i received it until now, and i`m very impressed.
If i was skeptical first, now i have no doubts, i`ts a great product for removing moles.
I`m in the phase of almost healing a treated mole, a big one (a bit raised from the level of the skin). I was surprised that all the skin around was not hurt by this product, only the mole was affected !
I followed all the instructions about preparing the area for treatment and i had to make about 19 applications of Bio-T with 24h intervals. If it was on a flat mole i believe a few less applications where effective.
I sincerely believe that the few people who claim having no results with Bio-T don`t follow the correct procedures when preparing the moles, and don`t clean the area when they renew the product. Probably they give up applying Bio-T after a few times because they think it will not work.
Well, but for me it works great !
Thank you for this. Wish you all the very best,

(Bio-T arrived well after a long journey from USA to Portugal)